First we need to know what category robe you need.Their three - Women's bathrobes, dressing gowns and men of the "unisex" which could equally come to both men and women.According to the size designation of male and female coats, according to the European standards, different one.For example, if the label you see the designation XL, in the women's dressing gown, this corresponds to the usual 50th size, and in the male - 52 th.The coats of the "unisex" accepted standards of men.
terry and velor bathrobes apply a few basic dimensions.«S» (small) - corresponds to the 44th size, "M» (medium) - 46 th, «L» (large) - 48-50.Th
en there are the men's size XL (50-52), XXL (52-54), XXXL (54-56).To determine the size more accurately, you can use the standard size table, which can be easily found on the Internet.
Sometimes the labels of imported gowns, you can see the inscription «one size».This means that the article is equally well suited for the 46 th, and 50 th sizes.
When buying a robe for a baby, you should know that takes into account its growth.Ieto get the right size dressing gown, measure the growth of your baby.
Women's bathrobes may differ abundance of details and have a difficult cut.Therefore, to acquire great sitting on the thing you should take into account different measurements, rather than chest.
Define the options you want to be like that.Undress to their underwear and take off your shoes to make more accurate measurements.To determine the chest circumference centimeter place on the most protruding points of breast and armpit.To accurately measure waist tie on the narrowest part of the torso belt or strap and attach a centimeter.Hip girth were measured on the most exposed point of the buttocks and thighs.
If your figure has some features - wider hips or larger breasts, broad shoulders, etc., for the gown to be taken into account more parameters.