recommendations for men

Good picks colors shirts.By dark jeans a good fit virtually all colors.But with light jeans look great white shirts.And if a business suit matched only monochrome shirt with jeans that you can wear any shirt prints and colors: stripes, polka dots, and so on.As for styles, it is also good with jeans look different variants: trousers tucked shirt, polo shirt, and so on.

When choosing shirts pay attention to its length.If you are going to fill it inside the pants, choose a model with a longer flat lower edge.If we draw your attention to the shirt with rounded bottom edges, it should be worn untucked.Typically, a shirt to be worn over the level of the pelvis.Too long options may seem ridiculous to others.

not high boys and men is best to fill the shirt in jeans: it makes a figure proportional.And with high growth
untucked shirt looks very sexy.When overweight should not choose a shirt that fits very tight.It is better to buy a shirt cut free from soft tissue, but it should not be bulk.Remember also that when the stomach bulges out, you'll look like a bell.So use the belt with jeans.

Advice for women

Women and girls need to know that the classic office shirt look much better with pants.Therefore, the selection of shirts to jeans can show a maximum of imagination.Shirt with colored prints is wearing trousers - it does way relaxed and natural.To narrow jeans Pick a shirt in the box or in the flower.

As with men, in dark jeans need to choose a dark shirt, jeans and a light - light.With wide jeans look good close-fitting shirt.In order not to disturb the proportions of the figure also consider the length of the shirt.Full girl should prefer shirts untucked.The general misconception that using shirts and jeans, you can not create a festive look.Simply select jeans with a high waist, and put on him a romantic shirt with ruffles or frills.

So enough to know a few simple rules, and you'll always dressed beautifully and tastefully.