usually aged 12-13 years there is a need to purchase a special bra for a teenager.Intensity puberty can shift this interval.If the daughter trying to persuade you to buy her a bra and breasts still barely visible, do not deny her this request.The joint selection of bra teenager takes pleasure, and the purchase will strengthen trust between mother and daughter.

How to choose the first bra

Selecting this item underwear - a kind of girls step into adulthood.For a child of 10-11 years are most relevant model in the form of tops or T-shirts with cups.This allows the lingerie mammary glands develop properly.Among the variety of assortment find your daughter what she would like.The bra
s for teens 12-13 years absent bones, because they provide unnecessary pressure on the lymph nodes.It so happens that in the 14 years girls have formed a breast, in this case, do not rush out and buy a bra designed for adults, since it would entail microtrauma breast.

Cups in teen bras should be made of soft cloth, then there will be discomfort and breathing difficulties.Wear underwear with the effect of "push-up" at this age is not desirable, so as not to disturb the normal development of breasts.Buying a bra is after careful fitting.If it turned out so that the right size is not available, look for seamless, made of natural fabrics.My bra as breast augmentation, after the close will interfere with breathing and growth glands.

Where to buy

first bra should be of high quality, so buy it in the company store, which specializes in the manufacture of underwear for teenagers.You can order through the Internet, but a high risk of error in the choice of size.Choose a model with her daughter.It is important that the bra girl liked the most, not just the mother, because it will add to her confidence and self-esteem.

psychological moment

Teenagers are very vulnerable, so any talk on the topic of breast should be conducted sensitively and privately with each other.Give my daughter understand that you should not be ashamed of growing up.Explain to her that every woman sooner or later begins to wear a bra, but do not let her daughter walk in it all day.Home girl is better to remove her bra.

moment of growing up is the turning point in a person's life, the girl becomes a woman.Mom is obliged to make every effort to maintain a trusting relationship with her daughter, to give her time and help to overcome various difficulties of life.