business image

Business woman simply must have in your wardrobe collarless jacket, because it allows this style femininity and move away from the strict masculine forms, while respecting the rules of office dress code.It looks stylish and elegant suits, in which the skirt is made of the same fabric as the jacket and has a simple style - pencil, tulip.Do not think that these jackets are a classic silhouette, takes us back to the era of Coco Chanel.Now many brands of clothing offered to the public without a collar jackets with the current Basque draperies in the hips or waist and pronounced with a strap.Depending on the model, this article of clothing c
an be worn with a blouse or sleeveless topom.

image in the style of casual

Many believe that coats and jackets, collarless added solidity and old.In fact, coats and jackets, collarless perfectly combined with any basic things, so they can become the basis for everyday youth clothing.Thus, they can be worn with jeans of any style from skinny to flared with longslivami, knitted tight dresses.To the image was not boring, it is worth a try contrasting combinations, such as wearing a crimson jacket with short sleeves over a beige or white turtleneck. Although conditional belonging to the classical style, coats and jackets, collarless well with any shoe - from the ankle up biker boots.

Urban romance

Coats and jackets without collar look less formal than the classic business jacket.That is why they are successfully combined with light flowing fabrics.To create a gentle way of suitable thin chiffon skirt A-shaped silhouette of medium length.Combined with the close-fitting collarless jacket they are able to bring any shape to an ideal, and a scarf will help to arrange the color accents and add flirtatious. very summery look is monochromatic collarless jacket with a skirt-Tatyanka with a large floral print.

image in the style of Jackie Kennedy

Lovers of romance retro worth examining photos of the first lady of the sixties of the last century.The main charm of this image - laconic shapes and elegant chic.Therefore, straight cut coat looks great without a collar, skirt or dress if hidden under the floor, and put his feet on the tight tights.Connect all the parts together to help toilet classic pointy pumps and elegant lacquered bag on a long strap.