Decide budget
So, you decide how much you can spend on a wedding dress.If you have limited budget, get inspired dresses of famous designers and try to find similar brands have more democratic and little-known salons.
determine the style
Flip through magazines to get acquainted with the styles and designs of dresses: classic, modern, tight and lush.Do not forget to take into account the time of year where you want to hold a wedding and features of the figure.
Book salon visit in advance
If you have chosen a particular room or designer, book a meeting with representatives of the shops: you will pick up with the size and can plan the delivery of the finished product on time.
Select partner search
Bring a friend or relative!However, your partner should be tested and the objective:
do not be afraid to be practical in this matter, and do not try to take the best friend, who is not known for the ability to give good advice: to communicate, you can find another time!
Do not be afraid to experiment
Even if you have already decided on the style of your dress, do not be afraid to try something completely different: sometimes you can find the perfect style of a sudden!
not rush
Do not rush to any decision.If you think you have decided, but something you still holds: Take a break on something else and come back to the reflections of the dress a couple of days later.
Think of parts and accessories
If you are going to wear a veil - something sure to try on it with the card.Also try to build on the head hairstyle similar to that which would be at the wedding.
Trust your choice.
If you are absolutely in love with a certain dress, stop doubting and rather spend time searching for the perfect shoes, lingerie and jewelry.
Do not be afraid to ask for advice
Ask the designer or retailer, how best to handle the fabric: for example, how to clean it delicately in the case of unexpected spots in the solemn day.These tips are not necessarily useful to you, but in case help save a lot of time and nerves.