you need
  • old jeans, a pair of scissors, a knife stationery, soap or chalk, needles, thread, tweezers, a little lace fabric.
Jeans Cut to the desired length.To do this, put the washed, well put the pressed trousers and soap mark indicating the desired length.Turn the jeans inside out and draw a line cut, it should be 2-4 cm below the previously set mark.Guided by the principle of "one hundred times measure, cut once" put cropped pants for the second time and after fitting, if necessary, shorten the shorts.About one and a half centimeters should be left to handle the bottom.
office knife Cut two parallel str
ips of desired length with a distance of a few centimeters.The cuts must be flat and placed one above the other.Better to start with back pockets, it will help to practice before a crucial stage of work on the front of the shorts.
with tweezers and pull the needle thread between the transverse slits.Thus, after the operation at the tissue site leaving only longitudinal yarns in white.
Repeat the same action in several places.In order to not get too shorts open at the front sections is better to do on pockets.Optionally, on the shorts can be done stationery knife small square or rectangular slots and using a needle to fluff the edges.
Deal bottom shorts.The easiest way - to put on the edge of the denim "fringe" by pulling the required number of longitudinal threads around the bottom.You can make a straight edge, bent, and ask them to machine or blind stitch.Edges can also turn on the outer side.
Optionally sew small pieces of lace on the sides of the shorts.To do this, add the product in half, measure and then cut a small corner with the outside of the lower edge of both leg.The resulting triangle on the shorts should be "close" with lace.This can be done both from the outside and the inside of the blind stitch or use machines.Shorts can be decorated with rhinestones, metallic elements, applications and other means.