If you are going to use the corset utyagivaniya figure, its size should be one less than your usual.That is, if you usually buy their own clothes a size 44, the corset has to be 42 th.If you are going to wear a corset for clothes, then you should watch models that will be one size larger than you.Accordingly, for the same 44-gauge you need to choose a corset 46th.
One of the main criteria when choosing the size of the corset , like any other apparel - the values ​​of main parameters: the waist, chest and hips.If the measurements with yourself you are not shooting, then before you buy corset will do it.To determine the parameters, clear off all outerwear, take an ordinary tailor centimeter and move on.
first wrap themselves centimeters at chest level - it must be ca
rried out on all protruding parts of the body.So you measure the top point - chest.Measure waist at the thinnest point of the stomach and do not strain to pull him and appear slimmer.Remember that reducing the size of their own artificially, you risk to throw money.After all, if the corset you will be small, then you put it simply, you can not.
To measure the hip line, you need to arrange a centimeter in the middle of the buttocks and bring it all the way forward.Put them together and write the resulting value.Now, according to these indicators, you can pick up a suitable corset.
In case you want to pick up a model corset , begins under the chest, you need as the top of the measure under the breast girth.This is done also by means of a centimeter.
As such parameter as utjazhki corset , the experts recommend to start taking this model, which will delay you just a 5-10 cm. Immediately utjazhki get involved is not necessary, leave 20five centimeter reduction in waist more experienced users corset .