you need
  • - catalog "Otto";
  • - measuring tape
catalog "Otto" is presented in the form of a paper edition, which can be obtained by making a request to support "OTTO", as well as an electronic catalog, which is availablethe company's website.In this case, order the favorite things you can do much faster, becausethe processes of the electronic catalog is largely automated.Based on your options (including the speed of your Internet), decide how you will use the directory name.
First, determine the size of your clothes, sh
oes, underwear, hats, jeans.German sizes do not correspond to Russian, so follow these tips: properly remove the basic measurements (chest, waist, hips).The electronic catalog is enough to enter measurements taken in a special box, and the system will determine your size.If you use a paper edition, Check in the table at the end of the catalog size.Find a size that is closest to your measurements.
The electronic catalog, choose the size, color bags and press the "Add to cart".When you have finished shopping, go to the electronic shopping cart and check out your chosen product.You may want to change something: remove superfluous things, change the color of pants, etc.
Proceed to checkout: making the order through the website, fill out the form with your personal data (name, address, telephone, e-mail).Select a delivery method: mail or courier.You can pick up an order and independently in paragraph issuing orders, if you live in one of 22 cities where the service is provided.Confirm your order and expects to receive notification of receipt of the parcel.
Checkout can be over the phone by calling the center "OTTO", writing to the e-mail or regular.The free-form list as a list of items ordered (indicating the article and size).Your written message should be issued so that the operator was convenient to handle.Check the accuracy and correctness of writing articles in order to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings upon receiving the order.Do not forget to include your postal address and phone and.
pay for the ordered goods (by mail, courier, in the heart of issuing orders).If you are not satisfied with any item, you have the right to return it within 14 days by filling out the necessary forms.