Romance - bolero combined with the dress

Union dresses and boleros never goes out of fashion.Especially it is important for the long evening dresses.White bolero - is a kind of decoration of the dress, which can be executed in different shapes and textures.White bolero can be combined well with the short dress, corset, skirt and trousers.

White cape literally transforms the original lace evening dress, adding a elegance, romance and tenderness.Especially if it is attended by the decorative elements in the form of bows, flowers and flounces.

often white bolero lace, guipure, organza, chiffon - a light and airy companion wedding dresses with bare shoulders.And even if the dress is very simple, elegant and transparent fabric capes emphasizes the solemnity of the event.

White bolero in different styles

White bolero easily combined with different styles of clothing.Wea
r it to the office of a different color jersey dress.So you make an original outfit and also emphasize the color of the dress.Current combination - white bolero and office blouse and pencil skirt.For example, white bolero can easily become a corporate holiday party.

Beautiful white bolero from any tissue irreplaceable on a summer vacation.It can be combined with light-colored trousers or a long skirt.Go to such an outfit for the tour, sightseeing, make pictures.The photo light clothing looks especially beautiful.White bolero combined with shorts will only accentuate your style and beauty on the beach.Interestingly looks white cape, combined with bright tops.

white knitted bolero is perfectly combined with jeans and leggings in different shades.Cape give the image of femininity and warm on a cool day.Sometimes collar knit bolero made of luxurious faux fur.This gives the image a unique clothing style.

Wearing white bolero, unusual necklace decorate the neck, a long string of beads, bright handkerchief, elegant chain.The main thing is to fit accessories in style to the rest of the clothes.Under casual outfit to wear comfortable ballet flats bolero white.And for evening out pick elegant shoes with heels.