So, you need to start with in order to repaint your hair dyed in color, reminiscent of the most natural.It is obviously important to growing roots were not as noticeable and align color during long otraschivaniya could exclusively via different tinting shampoos and balsams.
If you are blonde, you streaked or bleached hair , then deal with the problem quite easily: go to the salon and match with the master of color that most closely matches your natural color.Note that bleached hair are quite loose and porous structure, and hence a coloring pigment of them will be washed several times faster.Therefore, it is permissible to dye you
r hair semitone-tone darker than the one that you want - for shampooing several times a shade will be lighter.
With her hair dyed a dark color, the situation is somewhat more complicated, as the lead-resistant pigment from the hair - not an easy task.Try to find a salon where wash-off using a mixture of hair without ammonia, otherwise you can seriously damage your hair .Beware of salons, where you will be offered several times to lighten the hair - it is extremely dangerous.Do not be afraid to ask masters about the brand used and the composition of funds.
Shear hair .Of course, not necessarily to get a haircut at the boy, but get rid of split ends, and weak, you kill two birds: to accelerate their growth as regular trimming gives the hair strength and reduce the colored part on the length of hair.
every way nourish your hair , stimulates their growth with the right care and stimulating masks and compositions.It is useful to rub into the hair roots of burdock and castor oil and pepper tincture mixed with any of the vegetable oils.Take your vitamins are high in vitamin B, folic acid and make sure that the diet was enough calcium - your hair grow back quickly and will find a beautiful and natural color.The decoration is not the best?