Swimwear, corrective shape - a real salvation for those who for some reason can not get rid of the extra kilos, three-dimensional shape of the body to hide or enlarge breasts.If there is a problem, but you are not going to stay at home rather than in the heat comfortably relax on the beach near the cool some water, you need to approach the selection of swimsuits with the mind, ignoring the simple and plain model.

To begin, stand in front of the mirror, evaluate yourself and mark the places that you have to adjust, because it depends on the choice of bathing suit.

If you have a problem with being overweight, it can be corrected with the help of colors.For example, a pear-shaped figure, which is characterized by full hips a

nd small breasts, perfectly balance the model with a dark bottom and light top.Moreover, the top can be with any insertion or pattern that attracts the eye - it will distract attention from the slightly krupnovat thighs.

If the problem is exactly the opposite - broad shoulders, big breasts and small hips - pay attention to the bottom could be adjusted with the help of its large bright patterns or rhinestones.In the case of one-piece swimsuit is very appropriate design of colorful vertical stripes visually thinning your figure.As for materials, choose a model with a high content of spandex.

If you think that your feet too short, choose a swimsuit where the cutout begins in the hips as high as possible - then the legs will seem incredibly slim and attractive.

If you are confused by the small size of breasts, buy a bathing bra with foam inserts.But if such an option you do not like, it is enough that the top was bright, with ruffles, sequins or different decor - then the chest will seem visually larger.