timeless classic

Fashion firmly established not only in adults but also in children's clothes.And even attribute such as children's swimming trunks, is subject to fashion trends.Oddly, but in this matter as appropriate use of the word "classic".Classical form can have a variety of colors, decorated with images of cartoon characters and embroidery.If you have opted for a classical note to the correct sizing.The product should not peredavlivat delicate baby skin, but at the same time should fit snugly and action games in the water should not fall down.The ideal solution would be a model, in addition to assuming the additional gum lace fixing melting at the waist.

Swim Bermuda

Such melting suit tall boys.Their design is an elongated shorts freeform.In a
ddition, the shape of swimming trunks suitable for children dense physique, helps to hide overweight and complexes on the matter.Most models are made of polyester, which quickly dries after bathing, do not lose their shape and brightness of the colors.Choosing a melting-Bermuda, note the presence of an internal mesh or cloth, do not allow wet swimming trunks adhere to the skin.


Bathing suits are appropriate for very young "swimmers."Such unitard may be in the form of costume favorite super-hero.However, keep in mind that the products have a large area of ​​contact with the body, so the question of quality of materials acquires special relevance.

Sport models, designed for training in the pool, able to protect the skin from the harmful effects of chlorine and retain body heat.

few words about fabrics

choose the model and size of the desired note on the fabric, which is used in the manufacture.As part of the heats contained a different percentage of polyester than it is, the faster the product dries.Baby melting mostly have bright colors, which are used for applying dyes.Qualitative dye has no smell and does not stain the wash water.If there is a sharp chemical smell of the dye, give up the purchase.Such melting not only quickly lose appearance and brightness, but it may be unsafe for the baby.

internal seams must be flexible, accurate and strong, deformed in the same way as all the product.Too hard and thick seams can lead to abrasions on the skin.