things that help us to be beautiful, but at the same time bringing harm to health:

  • shaping lingerie - clothing option that allows a woman to visually reduce the curvy shape of the body.At the same time slimming property corrective underwear leads to disruption of blood circulation in the tissues, violates the correct operation of the digestive system.Due to compression of the lung oxygen can not fully flow into the blood, and therefore there are fainting, headaches and dizziness.
  • Thong - fashionable and sexy panties, which are fraught with danger.Thin rope cut into the body, blood circulation, provoke the development of hemorrhoids and infections.Moreover, Thong provoke high intensity of development of pathogenic bacteria in the mucous
    membranes of the genitals.
  • bra push up - visually increases the volume of the chest, but it increases the risk of breast cancer.This type of bra provokes congestion in the chest, and as a consequence - inflammation of the mammary glands.
  • Mini skirts - the best option for the club clothing or bright party.Typically mini skirts worn with kapron pantyhose, but cold weather garment such an option often lead to hypothermia and develop catarrhal diseases (including inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system), dressers.Mini-skirts, which are worn in the cold time of the year, lead to the rapid development of cellulite, because of strong local hypothermia feet blood circulation slows down, and there is intense accumulation of fat.
  • Skinny jeans - wearing such clothing leads to inflammation in the legs and causes a lot of cardiovascular disease.Narrow and tight jeans lot of pressure on the stomach, which leads to development of heartburn, which can become chronic.
  • stilettos - another element of a fashionable wardrobe, negatively affecting women's health.If a woman loves shoes with heels too high, it can lead to serious illness - varicose veins, flat feet, sciatica.
  • shoes with a flat sole - only at first glance it seems absolutely secure.These shoes are comfortable, but to talk about its security is impossible.The shoes with flat soles no lift, and it increases the load on the spine when walking.At constant wearing such shoes can develop flat feet, or plantar fasciitis.The consequence fasciitis are inflammation of the muscles running from the heel to toe.

women should not give up entirely on attractive items of clothing, making it a beautiful and graceful.You just need to observe moderation dangerous when wearing lingerie and accessories.