Spend quality cleansing oily skin.Wash your face morning and evening with warm water, as hot water will provoke excessive sebum production, and cold enough to effectively wash away excess fat.Use gels and foams designed for oily skin.Thoroughly lather T-zone, chin, because it is in these places is the greatest number of sebaceous glands.
Immediately after washing, wipe the skin lotion or tonic containing zinc, salicylic acid.Use alcohol lotions undesirable.Despite the fact that after the use of the alcohol lotion to first be able to substantially dry the epidermis, in the future will increase sebum and shine can not be removed by any means of tinting.Rational use of alcohol lotions only as a means of emergency when inflamed acne and need emergency disinfection
to improve oily skin immediately after cleansing, use a light moisturizer or a mousse.In the daytime, rational use moisturizers with UV filters, and at night - with extracts of cornflower, chamomile, calendula.
Three times a week to do the peeling.Currently, the sale of a large variety of finished cosmetic products designed to effectively remove dead skin cells.At the heart of these peels contain natural plant acids, which quickly soften the stratum corneum.
In addition, you can prepare yourself acid peels.Soften with a blender pulp orange or lemon, add a few drops of yogurt and fine salt.Apply to the skin.After 10 minutes, rinse with warm water and use a moisturizer for oily skin.
as masks, helping to quickly eliminate shine, use oatmeal, mix it with egg white.Apply the mask on the skin.After 15 minutes, rinse with plenty of water.
microdermabrasion procedure is performed in the salon environment.Get rid of enlarged pores, restore firmness and elasticity of the skin can be oily after 5-6 sessions.
mechanical cleaning efficiently carried out only as a last resort, if the pores are clogged, and get rid of blackheads is not possible with other methods.By choosing a beauty salon and beautician approach carefully.If mechanical cleaning will conduct an inexperienced worker to remain on the skin scars and blue spots.