you need
  • Hair and utyuzhok
After acquiring ironing need to think about the health of the hair.It is much safer to curling, however, will not prevent additional hair care that does not require much effort.
After shampooing should be applied vitamin hair mask at least once a week, and an additional overload use hair products that are available in almost every store.They should be applied to wet hair before blow-drying or styling ironing, which also promotes bonding split ends
wind hair utjuzhkom possible from the roots or just the tips.Completely screwed straight hair can be a matter o
f minutes.The size of the curls will depend on the ironing, the thinner the iron is, the less will receive curls.The minimum size of the surface of 1.5 cm in width.
Before laying the iron is necessary to enable him to have time to warm up.Then choose a strand of hair at the roots and hold her ironing, not buying time to twist hair vertically rotating semicircle utyuzhok.If iron is to overdo the hair will turn sharp corners at the whorls and have to re-repeating this.
Sometimes you just touch up her hair, twisting the ends in or out in just a few minutes.Utyuzhok must be kept at right angles to the treated strands, capturing the tips of the hair is a little higher, turning it sideways.
hair iron can also be used to wrap short hair.Through various gels or foams for hair styling can be given a disheveled appearance with light curls.
hairstyle to last longer in its original form is necessary after winding hair apply nail fixation.Then, until the evening, you can not worry and do not look in the mirror constantly.