People with sensitive skin, it is necessary to forget about the deep peeling and termomodeliruyuschih facials.It is necessary to pay attention to the peeling with a small concentration of glycolic acid and enzyme peeling types.Proper care for sensitive skin extremely important, as irritation can occur even for the most innocuous at first glance cosmetics.Particular attention should be paid to cosmetics with a high content of vitamin C and marine products, since they can trigger the appearance of redness and flaking of the skin.In the case of improper care of the skin this type may occur not only in the form of redness of red spots and rashes and.For sensitive skin care must be gentle and simple
, and it does not matter whether acquired as a result of depression and stress, this sensitivity or is innate.If your skin reacts badly on some cosmetic product, then it has every reason, and this means it is better not to use.No regrets throw it.This skin does not tolerate congestion cosmetics, does not tolerate frequent change of cosmetics.Try to use hypo-allergenic products.Cream should be light and easily absorbed mineral components contain.In the summer, cosmetics for care of delicate skin should have filters that protect from the scorching sun.Apply for washing only mild cleansers, forget about alcohol tonics and lotions.Alcohol dry out the skin, causing redness.Try to use cosmetics for everyday care, having such softening ingredients like calendula, chamomile and arnica.If you want to look good, then care for sensitive skin very vazhen.Dlya that in case of redness, irritation and itching, to quickly deal with the problem in the beautician must always have the means of instant action, which quickly remove these unpleasant phenomena.